Monday, June 11, 2012

Too Much Cream !

Featured on this June's GoGirl! :) such a birthday present :D just ignore the wrong last name there okay -_-

Lately my mom loves rainbow cake so she bought me this cake for my birthday -_- I don't like it much, I just love the colors lol :D oh but I prefer rainbow cheese cake cause I like cheese ! :)

Too much cream ! I can't even finish one slice -_- lol.

And she bought this fruit cheese cake too ! Lol I love cheese, not the fruit so I gave the fruits to my mom and I ate the cheese cake :9 by the way, I just got surprise from my two besties :D they were coming to my home when I went to school for a while. Then they gave me this UP shoes :

Meet Pandora Sailor from UP ! :) thanks buddies ! (Mumu, Poai, Winnie, Veni, and Ayu ! :D)


  1. happy birthday! have a great year coming ahead!
    how nice they are, aaa so envy!

  2. happy birthday pretty and congrats for the featured <3
    the cakes are so tempting!

    love those UP shoes too! a new follower of yours. ;)


  3. happy birthday.. rainbow cake-nya 2 slice juga mau :))

  4. wow, the cake looks so yummy. and i also love cheese!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I love your cake <33


  6. congrats and happy bday,dear :)

    kindly please check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  7. A belated happy birthday!

    your rainbow birthday cake is amazing! and birthday is the time to have lots of cream/cake, so embrace it :D!

    btw the sandals look lovely <3 a great birthday gift


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