Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harry Darsono

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Guess what ? I'll go to Harry Darsono's Museum on May 21st ! OMG I can't wait to see his fashion show !!! This time, his fashion show will nuanced VINTAGE. Gaaaaah and the event isn't open for public.

Little description of him :

Harry Darsono known as a fashion designer who also expertly plays piano (kewl !). Son of Haji Darsono, owner of tobacco company in Surabaya, which produces cigarette brands Dji Sam Soe, Sampoerna, and Wismilak. He decided to not work in his father's company, unlike his eight brothers.

At the age of 9, DR. Harry Darsono PhD had difficulty speaking, and was sent to a school for the deaf and mute. He had, what today would be diagnosed, as ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Born in Mojokerto, East Java, March 15, 1950. He was educated in Paris Academy of Fashion (1971), London College of Fashion (1972), and The London Film & Television Academy (1972) (OMG how famous he is).

Had worked as an instructor at the Paris Academy of Fashion (1972-1974), Lecturer of Ethics and Aesthetics in Fatayat Clothing NU (1976-1978), stylist and fashion silk motifs in Mido Pte. Ltd. and China Silk House, Singapore (1978), and became the motive and fashion designer at PT Batik Keris (1979 to present) and fashion consultant and adviser to the design (1982 to present).

After being baptized as Catholics in 1980, his name became Mercelino Dominicus Savio Harry Daroeharto Darsono. He also has a boutique that employ dozens of workers of art. There are about 22 batik motifs, 20 motifs woven, 18-20 fabric design, apparel design and 25 produced per month.

Yet from an early age, he showed his outstanding talent by receiving a national painting award in the sixth grade. During Harry’s verbal therapy, he started to make his first sketches, paintings, and creative works of art and designs.

His early artwork later became an inspiration for his Art-to-Wear, Textile Art, and Contemporary Stage Costumes.

Some photos of his designs :

Visit his Museum's website : Harry Darsono's Museum

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